Boom Boom Signature Series Scents

Endorsed by Fred (Boom Boom) Roumbanis himself, these are his favorite scents

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A freshwater formula, the Crawfish scent rings a bass’ dinner bell with our proprietary blend of amino acids and crawfish.  Apply to the hard surface of a jig, jig rattle, or a sinker used with a creature bait for optimal results when worked slow on the bottom in tough conditions.


A freshwater formula, the Crawfish/Garlic combination scent creates a feeding frenzy among bass and crappie even in tough conditions; our proprietary blend of amino acids and crawfish is combined with garlic to mask human smells.  Apply to a hard jig, bladed bait, or beetle spin or optimal results.


Frog Magic

A freshwater formula, the Frog Magic scent attracts a diverse assortment of fish with our proprietary blend of amino acids.  Apply to a topwater bait like a frog, popper, or buzzbait for optimal results.



A freshwater formula, the Garlic scent is relied on to catch bass, crappie, bluegill, and other panfish species with our proprietary blend of amino acids mixed with highly-concentrated garlic.  Apply to a hard surface like a spinnerbait, crankbait, or jig for optimal results.



A freshwater formula, the Shad scent is deadly and versatile, luring bass and other species into your boat with our proprietary blend of amino acids and shad, an abundant prey fish.  Apply to a hard surfaced lure like a topwater popper, crankbait, or spinnerbait for optimal results.