Stories from fisherman like you who use Fish Allure




“Hey man I’ve been testing the fish allure on my top water baits the past couple weeks it’s pretty awesome stuff !! I went to lake Murray Wednesday and took the blueback herring scent with me it definitely seemed to help get more bites !! I had twice as many as my buddy with me throwing the same bait. That type of deal is off shore so we were both casting at the same stuff so I think it truly was the difference maker . Just wanted to say thanks !!”

– Shane Lineberger, Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament Fisherman




“The Fish Allure scent tabs provides an edge to anglers and gives them the ability to apply scent attractant to any hard bait surfaces.  Over the summer I have been catching fish and the bite goes dead, but pull out a scent tab, apply it and bam!  Make sure your lure and fingers are dry before applying.  Peel Stick Catch”

– Chris Dorty








Video review by Rob Crane