During my recent trip to the FLW Tour event on Beaver Lake in Arkansas I experienced weather like no other weather I have experienced in the past. All four seasons in a nine day trip. Winter cold 30’s, spring time rain, and mild temperatures. Followed by one or two days of summer with 80 plus degrees and down pours. Oh yeah… Let’s not forget the fall like winds, bringing down trees and dropping thousands of leaves in the lake seemingly overnight. Yes, we had it all. These ever changing conditions did not help when it came to me finding fish. Where I practiced was flooded and underwater come game day. Oh, I failed to mention the lake level rose over 15 feet in 6 days from practice to Friday’s cut day of the tournament. Fishing for me was painfully slow – hence the 145th place finish in the event.

The sales portion of the trip was also weird. I added a couple new dealers to the network but had to hopscotch around to make appointment times with current Fish Allure Dealers. I also met up with a few of the Fish Allure Pro-Staff guys along the way. Visiting with them made the trip a huge success for me.

Wow… Also forgot to mention, I was getting over the flu from several days prior. During the trip I lost a total of 17 pounds. Having no appetite for days on end will do that to you. I lost so much weight I had to put a new hole in my belt to keep my pants from falling down. Still not 100% yet as the remnants of the nasty bug is still haunting me. However, I feel a million times better than I did just two weeks ago.

So the take away from this trip is mixed for me, but I am going to paint it all in a positive light. I met some great tackle store owners and people this time around. Although the lake treated me with tough love, it was still an awesome experience. Arkansas is a wild weather place and you never know what you are in for while visiting this state. This time I got the bad and the ugly. Next time, maybe I will get the good. As for me, it is on to La Crosse, Wisconsin and the next FLW Tour event just a few short weeks away. Until next time – tight lines and good fishing.